A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

My 7DRL 2017 entry. A mystery dungeon type roguelike. Travel through the cavern to discover the secret at the bottom. The main feature is a randomized weapon triangle featuring wonderful weapons such as:

- a hatchet
- a land deed
- a blender
- a rock
- and about 96 more!

The goal is to make it 10 floors. If you're having trouble, remember to avoid enemies that are strong against you since they can wipe you out very quickly. Please read the full instructions in the game for more details on how to play.

Please message me if there's any glitches/issues or message me on twitter @twicetheland

Source available here: https://github.com/KirklandLandry/7DRL2017

Title theme done by me, exploration theme done by HitCtrl

Install instructions

For Windows, extract the data from the zip and run the executable. Do not remove anything from the extracted folder and do not remove the executable from the extracted folder. The game will not run otherwise.

For Mac, extract the app and run. Will likely need to right click and press open.

If you're using the .love I assume you know what your doing <3

Please message me if there's any problems or message me on twitter @twicetheland


darkest deeps mac.zip 14 MB
darkest deeps windows.zip 12 MB
darkest deeps.love 9 MB


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Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was fun and looked great. Even though I didn't manage to get all the way to the end I still had a good time. I made a let's play of your game here~