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Writing by https://twitter.com/faeryghost and https://twitter.com/spacedaydreamer

Art by https://twitter.com/spacedaydreamer

This game is meant to be played with 2 people on 1 keyboard (but just one person on one keyboard works too)

-- Visual novel segment controls --
advance text: spacebar 
pause menu: esc

-- Platformer segment controls --
pause menu: esc
~Top player~
move: wasd 
pick up box: f 
~Bottom player~
move: okl;
pick up box: j 

Published Oct 30, 2017

Install instructions

Once unzipped, make sure to not move the "Seperated - A Tale of Two_Data" folder. It must be in the same folder as "Seperated - A Tale of Two.exe"


Seperated - A Tale of Two.zip 70 MB

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