A downloadable game for Windows

An ambient spooky game where you explore an infinite "house"

- Use space / left mouse button to open doors. 
- Press Escape to quit.
- Press Q to increase mouse sensitivity, E to decrease mouse sensitivity 


OurHouse.zip 59 MB


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It was spooky and I liked it and I think I tried way too hard to find patterns that were not there. Very cool

Hello again, thanks for replying to my previous comment and I played this game, it was very interesting, I liked the style of it, good work :)

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cool creepy

This game is pretty damn good! I enjoyed a lot, and at the same time felt like I was being watched.

Hello, can I ask how did you finish the game? cause after listening everything from the "blue lights" I got stuck and didn't know what to do after that. 

There isn't an ending, it just continues on until you close the game 

Glad you liked it!