A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A short action game submission for My First Game Jam. The goal of each level is to kill all the enemies before the time runs out. If an enemy catches you, it's game over.

- wasd to move
- i for accept (in menus) and perform assassination (in game) when behind an enemy and it's in your radius of attack (when a white line appears)
- o to go into slomo mode, but the bar in the top right will deplete and show you how long you can stay in slomo before it runs out.
- escape to enter pause menu and back out of menus

Art Sources

All audio done by me.

PlatformsWindows, macOS

Install instructions

WINDOWS: Just unzip folders until you see the 60-second-assassin.exe file and click that.

MAC: unzip the folder and run the 60-second-assassin.app. May need to right click and then open if it says "unknown developer" or something similar


60-second-assassin.app.zip 63 MB
60 second assassin windows.zip 55 MB


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This is a pretty interesting game idea! It was very fun!

ahh i was looking forward to this!! this is honestly a REALLY cool gameplay mechanic, it very fast paced & i love that

i had a lot of fun, theres a steep difficulty curve but that kept it interesting and kept me retrying :p